How to enable root login for Webmin through CLI


Step 1

Open the webmin.acl file located at /etc/webmin/webmin.acl and ensure it contains a line as demonstrated below:


root: acl adsl-client ajaxterm apache at backup-config bacula-backup bandwidth bind8 burner change-user cluster-copy cluster-cron cluster-passwd cluster-shell cluster-software cluster-useradmin cluster-usermin cluster-webmin cpan cron custom dfsadmin dhcpd dovecot exim exports fail2ban fdisk fetchmail file filemin filter firewall firewalld fsdump grub heartbeat htaccess-htpasswd idmapd inetd init inittab ipfilter ipfw ipsec iscsi-client iscsi-server iscsi-target iscsi-tgtd jabber krb5 ldap-client ldap-server ldap-useradmin logrotate lpadmin lvm mailboxes mailcap man mon mount mysql net nis openslp package-updates pam pap passwd phpini postfix postgresql ppp-client pptp-client pptp-server proc procmail proftpd qmailadmin quota raid samba sarg sendmail servers shell shorewall shorewall6 smart-status smf software spam squid sshd status stunnel syslog-ng syslog system-status tcpwrappers telnet time tunnel updown useradmin usermin vgetty webalizer webmin webmincron webminlog wuftpd xinetd virtual-server security-updates virtualmin-awstats virtualmin-htpasswd virtualmin-mailman virtualmin-google-analytics virtualmin-dav firewall6


Step 2

Open the miniserv.users file located at /etc/webmin/miniserv.users and add the following line if not already present in the file:




Step 3

Finally, restart the Webmin service using “service webmin restart” and try to log in again.

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